Kip Moore sheds light on ‘Dirt Road’



There has been some controversy following Kip Moore's 'Dirt Road' song with some people claiming it was critical of some religious beliefs. The song itself stems from personal experience of Moore's Baptist up-bringing. He told Yahoo,

"People in such a politically correct society take everything you say, and they really wanna hammer you for it. It was never meant to be a literal song," Moore asserts. "It was much more about the verses, and the angst and frustration that I felt as a young teen in a small, southern Baptist town, and dealing with hellfire and damnation every single Sunday.

"When you’re that age, you don’t like anybody telling you what to do, and you wanna lash out, and you wanna fight back. And that’s what the song was capturing, I had my own faith and I had my own beliefs."

And the reason the song even took off was because of the fans. Kip says it had an underground following from the beginning and really resonated with fans. He says he is confident that he knows his fans and what they want from him and he will continue to embrace that. This makes me happy because I am a Kip Moore fan and always look forward to his music!