Kenny Chesney could teach a “How To Tour” seminar according to this gal…


So Miranda puts on a pretty massively entertaining show and apparently it's Mr. Entertainment himself, Kenny Chesney, that she says she owes some gratitude to!

“When  I was on the Kenny tour,” she remembers, “ his crowd and his crew and  his everybody has his spirit, which is, ‘I love my job. I love what I  do. This should be fun. This is entertainment.’ It's just his great  spirit and love of the beach and love of relaxing and having a margarita  leaks throughout the entire camp, therefore throughout the entire tour  to the person on the back row of the stadium, and that's what's  important.”

A  lot of it's about how it feels backstage, too, because as much as you  say you leave it back there and don't bring it on the stage, there's  a  feeling about the whole package, the whole process and what it feels  like,” she says. “And a tour can have a whole vibe. I think the crowd  can feel that.”


She also mentioned that Kenny really creates a relationship with his opening acts that help set the mood.

Those are some pretty solid lessons to learn and they're definitely playing off for Miranda!