Keith Urban is quite fond of Music row


Keith Urban's editorial in the The Tennessean speaking out on the need to preserve Nashville's staple… Music Row. The little part of town that is home to most of country music's record labels, publishing  houses and recording studios is now falling victim to bulldozers and construction crews. With all the busy growth going on, Nashville is seeing investors come in and buying up parcels to put up more hotels, more boutiques and more…tourist type things.  Mr. Urban is speaking up about it being time to preserve Music Row's community feel.

"Nashville's growth is exciting, but not  at the risk of losing the creative epicenter that is Music Row and that  truly makes Nashville Music City," Keith writes. "I sincerely hope that  those who have made Nashville their home over the years, and those who  have recently discovered our fair city, will come together as a united  front and continue to be vocal about preserving and fortifying our  beloved Music Row."

Keith first say Music Row way back in 1989 and gave some insight about that in the article.  He says, "It was instantly magical being among  rows of the most charming cottages and simple buildings that were  housing the global center of country music. I knew instantly this is  where I belonged, and I became a Nashville resident in 1992."

This type of passion on the topic sure rings genuine and brings up solid points. As a visitor to the great city, I completely agree with him!