Just another reason to love Lady Antebellum


Photo Erie County Fair

While at The Erie County Fair, Lady Antebellum made the dreams of  6-year-old Chase Britton of Clarence come true. He was never supposed to walk or talk- he probably shouldn't even be alive- yet he made to the concert to watch his favorite band.

According to WGRZ:

 "They were just as kind and gracious in person as they are on the DVDs that Chase watches every weekend," said Chase's dad.

After the first official meet and greet, the multi-Grammy award winning band came back again to spend even more time with Chase just one on one.

They gave him a set of drumsticks and lead singer Hillary Scott even sang with him.

Chase's dad said his son seemed star-struck, but the band seemed equally as captivated with Chase and his story.

"They were shocked and I think it really touched them that he reacts the way he does to their music," said Dave.

One band and the universal language of music, doing powerful things for this special little boy. 

Talk about a feel good moment!