Jana Kramer is single again

Jana Kramer Michael CaussinPhoto: Twitter

Note: This is an old story, if you’re here now, you’re probably looking for this post.

Good news all you dudes out there, Jana Kramer is once again a free agent.

A couple of weeks ago Jana had made an admission on Twitter to missing her man, Washington Redskins tight end Michael Caussin. It was the first mention that she was dating someone. Visiting his Twitter, it was full of all kinds of little love notes to Jana and the two seemed like a cute couple.

Unfortunately, things seem to have ended on a not-so-happy note not too long after Jana’s first mention of Caussin.

On August 21, Caussin made his last entry on Twitter sayingI have the very best girlfriend! Cannot wait til my @kramergirl gets here tonight!

By August 23, the two had broken up.

Jana wrote on Twitter just two days after Caussin said he was excited to see her:  Never trust anyone.

She then confirmed that things were over: Here’s to being SINGLE again "</p