Forbes wants to know if Kacey Musgraves is country’s Katy Perry?


So as far as making connections in the music world, Katy Perry certainly is a great one to have. Since, Katy noticed Kacey, Ms. Musgraves has been exposed to that large audience which is in turn very exciting for country music. Well, now even Forbes is taking noticed. Yup. Big deal stuff.

Here are some highlights from the article:

One might say that “Follow Your Arrow,” which advises listeners to “make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys, or kiss lots of girls, if that’s something you’re into” is the descendant of Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”—albeit a slightly more hedged exhortation for a much more conservative audience.

 “I would love to bring country music to people who don’t know much about it,” said Musgraves when asked about touring with Perry. “And I think it’s really cool that Katie is a supporter of not only women, but also all genres.”

Musgraves has earned the admiration of other peers including Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride, both of whom she has written songs for, as well as Country Cash King Kenny Chesney (she was an opener on his No Shoes Nation stadium tour last year).

With 66 shows already under her belt in 2014, Musgraves certainly has the work ethic to keep rising. Her main challenge will be expanding her fan base: though she’s been playing to crowds in excess of 15,000 with Perry, the handful of solo shows on her slate this summer are still in 700- to 2,000-seat theaters, the sort frequented by indie up-and-comers and faded alt-rockers.

Whether she can join the ranks of country’s top earners will depend on whether she can eventually make the jump to headlining arenas, as Perry has. They’ve already got more than a few things in common.

“At our cores,” Perry told Billboard, “we both think a lot about narrative and characters and the subjects.”

That’s something Musgraves’ country predecessors did, too.

“I grew up with the Lorettas Lynns, the Glen Campbells, the Marty Robbinses,” she said after her Grammy triumphs. “And if there’s a way that I can play a part in preserving that but also making it my own, then I feel like I’ve done my job.”

So I suppose only time will tell, but Kacey is surely on the right track…

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