Florida Georgia Line and their Tour Manager are being sued…



The promoters of Country Explosio based in Utah have filed a mega million dollar lawsuit in federal court against FGL's tour manager, claiming he defamed the company and breached their contract.

Country Explosion LLC filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court, asking at least $15 million from the band and tour manager Troy Johnson. Troy was asked to take a check for the band's July 20 performance and to not cash it until three days after the event, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Johnson, however, tried to cash the $205,000 check the next day, according to the lawsuit. Johnson then allegedly sent an email about the experience that the promoters say hindered their future business. Florida Georgia Line is repped by WME, one of the recipients of the email.

Although it is highly unusual in the concert business for checks to be offered on the day of the show, or for payments to be covered by ticket sales, the lawsuit unapologetically admits it.

“It was also explained that the reason for the delay was that the check would be covered by box office receipts that would clear within the next 72 hours,” the lawsuit says, according to the Tribune. “As if adding insult to injury, on July 22, 2014, Johnson announced by email to the William Morris Agency Nashville and to other artists and booking agencies in Nashville, that the check had bounced, making Country [Explosion] absolutely toxic among the artists and booking agencies in Nashville. This has also had repercussions in the entertainment industry around the whole country.”

Florida Georgia Line's publicist issued a statement Aug. 6.

“We are disappointed to learn of the lawsuit filed by Country Explosion, LLC in Utah yesterday. We have attempted in good faith to resolve this dispute without resorting to litigation. However, Country Explosion’s defensive, and factually creative, filing cannot change the fact that Country Explosion remains in breach of its agreement and still owes Florida Georgia Line a significant amount for its Sunday night performance at the 2014 Festival, which the band performed for their fans despite not being paid as contracted.

“We intend to pursue our claims aggressively and believe the truth regarding Country Explosion’s actions and inactions, and the factual inaccuracies in their complaint, will be clear as the litigation proceeds.”


Well…let's hope they get to the bottom of it and get it resolved.