Ever want to own a piece of Naomi Judd?


Your opportunity to own a piece of Judd history is very close.. The Beverly Hills auction firm Julien's will put together an auction in November to help the legend help auction off some of her treasures!

And this isn't just any ol' auction. This auction includes a collection that includes many of Naomi's custom stage clothes, remember the outfit she wore in the Judds' mega hit, "Love is  Alive,"? That's included! And the centerpiece is going to be the vintage 1920's radio she and Wynonna and Ashley used to listen to before they were famous. The auction also includes a signature red, white and blue guitar given to her by Buck Owens, as well as some Elvis items from her husband, Larry Strickland, who used to work with the King. You can check out the items at  Julien's Auctions Beverly Hills from November 3-7, before bidding starts both online and in person on  November 7&8. Naomi will donate part of the proceeds to Tuckers  House, a charity that helps families with children with disabilities

Not sure what the reason is behind the auction, but sounds like someone is going to get a steal and a charity will benefit from it also!