Country Music’s questionable reputation…


So with The Washington Post and Fox News both recently covering the incindents that are happening at country concerts, I think it's time to address the fact that the reputation of country music has certainly shifted. Drinking songs are nothing new to country music, but the increase of the format of the songs adding to lyrics that talk about drinking in more of a party environment have some people wondering if this is to blame for the latest drunken incidents at the concerts.

Fox News had this to say:

Bro country is a term for a sub-genre of country music that is used to describe songs about partying, long summer nights filled with red Solo cups and girls in painted-on jeans.

"I think it's the younger audience and the lyrics to be honest," continued Dentino. "This younger group comes first to party and secondary to that is the show."

While The Washington Post said this:

The common thread is that these incidents all happened at country music concerts and all were booze-related. Although violence, tragedy and police intervention can occur at any type of concert where people get rowdy, this particularly brutal stretch comes as modern country music is increasingly populated by extreme alcohol-themed, hard-partying songs.

What do YOU think? I think Johnny Cash is probably rolling in his grave over this…