Carrie Underwood crushes it for Brad Paisley, internet trolls come out to play

Carrie Underwood crushes it

Brad Paisley is asking for fans (and other celebs) to send him videos of how they like to "crush it" for a new video he's working on for his song Crushin' It

Well last night Carrie Underwood got in on the fun and "crushed" a can on her forehead. 

It's a cute video. 

Unfortunately, some people online are idiots and the haters came out in droves to point out the obvious in the comments section of the video. Here's just a taste: 

She switched cans and someone else crushed a can when she slammed it to her forehead. She would've had a red mark on her forehead if she really done that. I hate fake people and Carrie Underwood is fake.

Carrie ur a fake ass bitch the can was pre crushed you dumb attention seeking wh***

Slow the video down, it was crushed before she put it to her forehead! Maybe I just don't get the joke here but I'm so not impressed!


looks fake, looks like she swapped to a crushed canwhen her hand left the frame. Im calling BS.

Why in the world do people have to be so awful? A simple joke becomes something so negative. Of course, in the midst of all the negative comments comes this gem that sort of sums up my feelings about it all: It's a joke you jackballs!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said, my anonymous internet friend, well said. 

Check out Carrie's crushin' video below.



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