Carrie makes Miranda nervous?


Each lady is a star in their own right, but it was Miranda who was the nervous nelly when it came to recording the hit duet with Carrie, 'Somethin Bad'

"She  came in the studio and we were all so nervous," Miranda says. "I mean,  everybody — the producers, musicians, everybody was kinda like, jittery  and nervous, 'cause she's Carrie."

So what did Miranda do to ease the nerves? Well, she gave herself a big pep talk that's what.

She says, "In the mirror that morning, I was like, 'All right now, you better sing your butt off,' to myself."

But of course once the gals got together it went off without a hitch and ended up strengthening their friendship, too.

Says  Miranda, "It was just cool to have a girl in there, dreaming with her,  because we're at the same kind of level in our careers where we can have  fun, and we can do it together."

Totally cool hearing Miranda acted the same way I would've….you know if I was to ever get the opportunity to sing with Carrie in the first place.