Brantley Gilbert’s rockin’ reputation


A recent New York Daily article had some interesting points about the direction of Brantley Gilbert. Those in the genre often forget what a powerful song writer he is and how he uses that to grow since some of his more *ahem* modern country doesn't showcase that, but Brantley is quite talented no matter which way to cut the cheese so it's always worth it to take a look at what he's got up his tattooed sleeve. Check out a bit from the article below:

The star hasn’t gotten attention only for how the album amps up country, but for his macho persona. He’s a heavily tattooed hunk, suggesting more biker than musician.

“My tattoos and rings and jewelery are important to me,” Gilbert says. “They all have stories behind them. Many are gifts from fans.”

Gilbert’s new album ups the rock influence, while making lyrical references to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Guns N’ Roses. (He does the latter right in a song title). Gilbert says Skynrd had the stronger impact on him. “The free-flowing guitars and the screaming solos really stand out,” he says. “We bring that back.”

The Skynyrd reference makes a telling connection between Gilbert and another artist heavily affected by that Southern band: Kid Rock. While Kid moves his music from rock to country, Gilbert does the reverse.

I guess just staying country isn't good enough anymore?