Brad Paisley makes a lil history…


Mixing a song Air Force One is not only pretty bad ass, but it's also enough to make history. And Brad Paisley's "Me and Jesus", a song from his upcoming album, Moonshine in the Trunk, is officially in the history books.

He says he had a little time to kill on his trip to Afghanistan with President Obama to perform for the troops. Brad tells Billboard, "I cut the track the day before we left. It was 13 hours over and 16 back, plenty of time to mix the record. I had all the files and opened up the computer and thought, 'I’ll get to work on this.' It didn’t take too long. It’s only my voice and a guitar. It was mixed somewhere over the Black Sea."

Now I have to say that is pretty exciting. To listen to a song that you know has such a connection with a great cause. Way to go Brad!

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