Will they or won’t they play Taylor Swift?



Taylor Swift was spotted at a studio in NYC today and with confirmation she's going to be performing at both the VMA's and the iHeart Music festival in next couple months, new music from her is eminent. and the lingering question lies….will country music radio play her new stuff? Taylor and her team have come out and made it perfectly clear this new album will have a very different sound than the previous ones. And Scott Borchetta himself has even said this about the new album, “Taylor fans are going to love it. Will country stations play a complete pop song just because it’s her? No.”

Country blogs have been covering stories about her recently like CRAZY so it's definitely going to be interesting…even though Taylor is ready to leave country, I don't think country is quite ready for her to go. She has been SO good for the genre in terms of exposing it to a massive audience and With the very obvious lack of female presence on the country music charts, is new Taylor Swift music the answer to help jump start that? Even if the music isn't "country"?

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