Garth Brooks’ big news is you have to wait until Thursday for Garth Brooks’ big news

Garth Brooks logo

Well now this is disappointing. Last week Garth's website started displaying a message that read: The wait is over…7/7.

Fans, including myself, were pretty stoked to know there was news coming today.

Now it turns out that that message was a big fat lie because the wait isn't over just yet. A new message on Garth's site this morning, 7/7, reads: 

Watch a LIVE STREAM of Garth's press conference at!
Thursday, July 10th
12p EDT / 11a CDT / 9a PDT

Shish kabob! Why didn't they just say the wait is over on 7/10 rather than disappointing us by making us wait another three days? 


Okay. It's still early so maybe, just maybe there might still be some news coming at some point today. 

One can always hope anyway. 

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