The sweetest Willie Nelson picture you’ll see all day

Willie NelsonPhoto:

All together now …. awwwwww.

Willie Nelson's website featured the picture above along with some others of Willie with Tatum Lee, a little girl whose dream to meet her favorite singer was made possible by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. 

The girl's definitely got good taste. 

Speaking of little angels, Tatum Lee and her family drove up from Joplin, Missouri to see the show. The volunteers at the Make a Wish Foundation arranged for Tatum to meet her favorite singer, Willie Nelson, who also signed her guitar backstage after the concert. Tatum must endure painful operations every four months to extend the rods in her back, and music seems to help.  The next operation won’t be too long from now. But this time when she’s recovering and playing her guitar she can look down, see Willie’s signature and remember how many people were involved and what all it took to get it. She can be absolutely sure she is loved by the very best.

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