The hottest new song around is surprisingly difficult to find online to listen to

Maddie and tae

Maddie & Tae have made quite the names for themselves in the last few weeks. Heck, it may be longer they've been making a name for themselves, but I've just become aware of them the last couple of weeks.

The pair have come out with a new tune called Girl In A Country Song that is getting a lot of notice from radio stations and country fans tired of the recent bro-country phenomenon. The interesting thing, though, is that this song that is garnering so much excitement and press is actually nearly impossible to find online to listen to in its entirety. 

Go to Google and search for Maddie & Tae or Girl In A Country Song and you will come up with lots of sites talking about how great their song is, but it's nearly impossible to find the full-length song anywhere to listen to. Go to YouTube and search for it and you come up with lots of versions of Luke Bryan's Country Girl (Shake It For Me), which is actually funny when you consider that's one of the songs what Maddie & Tae's song is battling, but this hot new song is noticeably absent. 

Where are all the early videos of the pair singing the song? Where are all the fans doing their own covers of the song? 

I'm actually more fascinated by the lack of the song being available to listen to online than I am by the song itself. The girls recently signed with Dot Records, which has been brought back to life by Big Machine. It just makes me wonder if head honcho Scott Borchetta has decided that the best way to get these girls media attention is to make their debut single as scarce as possible in order to make people want to hear it that much more. 

I'm sure I'm reading much more into it than what is actually happening, but it's still an interesting thought. 

Maybe it's the future of music promotion … rather than saturating the web with copies of the song, make it nearly impossible to find online in the hopes that it will make people want to hear it more. 

If that's the plan than it worked, at least for me. I spent the last half hour or so scouring the web after hearing the song played on the radio. I did finally, FINALLY! find a full copy you can listen to here. Now I feel better. 

According to Maddie and Tae's Facebook, Girl In A Country Song will be released to iTunes on July 15, so I'm sure before long we'll be getting our fill of it on Google, the web, and the radio.