Angaleena Presley takes a few digs at Taylor Swift while praising her

Angaleena presley Angaleena presley











In a new interview, Angaleena Presley, one-third of the now defunct Pistol Annies*, pokes fun of Taylor Swift's music. She said, "There are lots of little girls who would be sad if there wasn't a Taylor Swift." To complete the back-handed compliment, she goes on to say, "…she's a good writer." When the interviewer, fellow NashvilleGab blogger Broadway, goes off on a sidebar about genre labeling, Angaleena comes back with, "Welllll…I don't know how country she is."

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Angaleena also claims to still keep in touch with Miranda and Ashley. When Broadway asked the last time she spoke with the girls, she gives a specific date for Ashley but Miranda isn't mentioned. Why won't they just come out and say they're broken up? Odd.

*no one will actually admit that they're broken-up

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