So the lady Tim McGraw smacked probably didn’t deserve it as much as I thought

Tim hits concert goer

Amazing how looking at a situation from a different angle can give you a bit of clarity. 

So last night video came out that showed Tim McGraw slapping a woman in the audience at his show this past Sunday at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta. When the video came out, I thought Tim was somewhat justified in his hasty slap because the lady hit him where no man should get hit. This new video, however, shows things pretty differently. 

In the new video TMZ obtained, you can clearly see that the lady never hit Tim's crotch area. She may have brushed his leg, but that's it. He bends down and I thought from the first video that he was talking to her. He wasn't, he was still singing along to the song. It wasn't until he got up and tried to walk away and she grabbed his leg, ripping his pants in the process, that he turned around and smacked her. It wasn't really a slap as much as he cuffed her up side the head. 

I've seen a lot of fans grab singers as they walk by on stage – it's one of the hazards of having fans so close to the stage – but come on, does a fan really deserve to get smacked for grabbing hold of a leg? Sure, someone who gets that grabby definitely deserves to have their hand swatted away or even forcibly removed, but a full on smack to the head? Really? 

Bad move Tim.