Shania Twain says she’d consider doing “Dancing With The Stars”

Shania Twain Facebook

Not to get anyone overly excited or anything, but could "Dancing With The Stars" be in Shania Twain's future? 

I guess it would depend on the show giving her a call because Shania says she's not opposed to the idea. 

During a live Facebook chat earlier this week, a fan asked the singer if she'd ever consider doing DWTS “I’d consider it!”

Well that's not really a yes, but an I'd think about it's definitely better than a flat out no. 

Aside from the many fan questions answered during the show, Caesars Palace, where Shania's Vegas show takes place, said that there's a big Vegas announcement coming soon and that if fans want to come see a show in Vegas, they better do it soon. 

Shania Twain says her next album will probably be a Christmas album 

Since Shania has recently said that she's ready to get back out on tour, I'm thinking her big announcement is probably that she's leaving Vegas for the road. But I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

You can check out the whole Q&A over on the Caesars Palace Facebook page

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