Scotty McCreery Rocks Lancaster, PA


On July 10th, 2014 I pulled up to the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA and was in awe as I saw the parking lot filled with senior citizens. Scotty McCreery is young, handsome and crazy talented. I expected young girls, kids and maybe even college girls. However, you learn something new every day.

A guy named Clark Manson opened up for Scotty. He was the typical "main stream" act. For a second I wasn't interested, until he sang a song titled "Runnin' With The Night" from his current EP album. The lyrics were good, his stage presence was strong and even his vocals were impressive. His band was fire and rocked it out. He also won me over by singing Toby Keith "Should've Been A Cowboy." Not everyone can pull that off, but he did well. If you haven't heard his music, you should check him out.

Scotty opened strong with a song titled "Now." Everyone was out of their seats and dancing. Scotty has one of the best voices in country music but I never knew what to expect when it came to a live show. Boy was I blown away. He performed a few of my favorites like "Water Tower Town" and "Write My  Number On Your Hand." He also performed his radio hits such as "I Love You This Big" and "Trouble With Girls." Scotty is one of those artist who is just perfect, he obviously works hard to give his fans the best show he possibly can. His vocals were flawless and not one note did he miss. He had a massive amount of energy and connected well with the crowd. His personality was strong and he was able to tell a few jokes here and there. The best part of Scotty's show is the flash back in time where he performs songs like "Hey Good Lookin" by Hank Sr. and Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues." His respect for traditional country music amazes me. It makes him such a class act. He ended with his first radio single to reach top 10 on the Billboard Country Charts titled "See You Tonight." Scotty McCreery may be young but he is everything country music stands for. We need more artists like Scotty, artists who keep it country.



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