Scalper unmasked … the taunting Kip Moore scalper is an eco-friendly pizza shop owner

Miller_BrentPhoto: Twitter

Have you ever wondered just who it is that buys up concert tickets and then turns around and resells them at a huge markup so that most fans can't afford to buy them?

I know I do. Well I decided to do a little digging on the now infamous scalper that Kip Moore argued with on Twitter last week and then met at his show in Tampa, Florida last night. 

Usually scalpers hide out in the shadows, snatching up dozens of tickets at a fair price and then marking them up and out of most fans' reach. Many have computer programs that will buy up hundreds of tickets as soon as they go on sale, only to turn around and re-sell them. There's nothing more frustrating than sitting down at your computer to purchase tickets to a show and finding out they're sold out only to turn around and find them on Craigslist for double or triple the cost. 

But who are these people that do this? Well meet Mr. Brent Miller, who was surprisingly vocal about reselling tickets and was also easy to Google and find. 

After Brent's initial confrontation with Kip on Twitter, Brent spent the next two days taunting the singer. 

So who is this mysterious Brent Miller who made $900 selling six Kip Moore tickets? I figured he was some college student trying to make a quick buck or something. Nope. Turns out Brent is a business owner who owns an organic, eco-friendly pizza store in Clayton, Missouri called ZPizza

Aren't people who are into the organic, eco-friendly stuff supposed to be peace-loving hippies? 

Guess that doesn't extend into side businesses. 

Miller said in a story written about him that the cost of opening his pizza franchise was around $400,000 – $30,000 franchise fee; $200,000 build out; and $100,000 in equipment – so maybe he needs the money he makes scalping to recoup some of those hefty costs. 

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