Meghan Linsey takes bro-country to task with ‘Try Harder Than That,’ films music video: Exclusive

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Meghan Linsey isn't afraid to speak her mind. She might be small in stature, but she's huge in voice. So, it isn't surprising that the singer's debut solo single is a sharp-shooting female empowerment anthem, which takes direct aim at every bro-country song currently thumping through the speakers of mainstream terrestrial radio. "Try Hard Than That," the lead-in to her new EP (through a Pledge Music campaign), makes a bold statement about what it means to be a woman and how they should be treated. "It was meant to be a sassy song. I don’t want to say ‘take jabs’ but it’s more about pushing a boy you like on the playground," she shares of the song to NashvilleGab, exclusively, on the set of the song's music video.

Formerly of Steel Magnolia, Linsey has high hopes as she launches her solo career. Admittedly, she says she never had any qualms about releasing such a risky song. "I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. In fact, when we wrote it, I was like, ‘dang, I feel like this is a single.’ I think you have to be bold anymore to stand out and make a statement, especially for women. You’re not hearing [many] women on country radio. Coming out with something different and shaking stuff up, that’s the goal."

Co-written with Corey Crowder and James Otto, Linsey recounts how the song came to be, "I actually wrote this song about a month ago. So, it’s been a really quick process. I wrote it with Corey and James, who is a friend of mine and did the Reba [McEntire] tour with me. It’s funny because they kind of write those bro-country songs every day. That’s just what they do. They write other songs, too, but they write those songs. We were like, ‘what if we wrote a song from a woman’s perspective.’"

When you listen to "Try Harder Than That," you might recognize quite a few catch phrases from country's biggest hits, particularly Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan tracks. Even the music video, set on the outskirts of rural Nashville, is similiarly structured. "We are doing your typical country video," she notes.

"I wanted to do something with the girls taking over. We’re doing a lot of the same scenes that you’d see in a Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan video. The roles are reversed, though. We’re putting the girls in power and in control."

Most recently, Big Machine's newest duo, Maddie & Tae, also take bro-country to task. Could a trend be rising? "Maybe everyone wants to shake stuff up a little bit," Linsey chuckles.

"Try Harder Than That," which features a rap edit with Bubba Sparxxx, is currently hitting Sirius XM airwaves, with the song shipping to terrestrial radio soon. The video is expected to drop "the third or fourth week of July, so a pretty quick turnaround," Linsey says.

But for now, grab a copy of the song on iTunes now! You can find the rap edit here, too! 

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