Kip Moore takes on ESPN radio show host over scalping

Kip MoorePhoto: Twitter

Update:Kip has agreed to do an interview with the ESPN Radio host mentioned below

Well he's at it again. After his heated confrontation with a scalper last week that culminated in a $1000 offer if the guy would show up to his Saturday concert in Florida, Kip Moore has once again defended his stance against ticket re-sellers. This time he's taken on ESPN radio host Jeff Thurn

Jeff took to Twitter this morning to make fun of the singer's battle against scalpers. 

Kip Moore wants to eliminate scalpers and brokers.. HA GL. Bc you have the resources to scoop up tix and resell you should be chastised?

Check out this stupid rant from Kip Moore about scalpers and brokers and make up your own mind. …

That's when Kip got involved.

Jeff ended up offering to talk with Kip on the radio to let him rant uninterrupted. No word on if that will happen or not, but we can always keep our fingers crossed. 

As for the last guy Kip had it out on Twitter a few days ago with about scalping, Kip made good on getting the guy a meet and greet pass. He even tweeted a picture of it. As for the promised $1000, I'm told the guy didn't get his cash, at least not that anyone saw.

M&g pass

So what happened once the two met face to face? Apparently not much at all happened.

I was there. kip tweeted a photo of the guys meet and greet passes. I missed the exchange during the M&G but my friends daughter saw it and said they exchanged words, got in each others faces. the guy apologized, they shook hands and took a M&G photo. It was basically a non-event. It lasted a few minutes.

Here's Brent, the scalper's, Facebook telling of the tale courtesy of a reader. Brent also says he didn't get the money. 


I don't think Kip will ever get rid of scalpers, but it sure is entertaining watching him try. 


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