Kip Moore offers scalper $1000 to show up at concert to settle things like a man

Kip Moore

To say that Kip Moore doesn't like scalpers is a bit of an understatement. After handwriting a note to scalpers last month asking them to not be dicks by selling tickets to his shows at inflated prices, the singer has now taken a scalper on personally on Twitter. 

Today, Kip took to the social media site to call out someone for sending out hate messages on Twitter and for re-selling tickets to his show. Unfortunately, whatever transpired before Kip got involved has now been deleted (or I'm not smart enough to find it), but what's left shows Kip offering the guy $1000 to come to his show in Florida to settle things like a man. 


Kip Moore scalper

A free meet & greet AND $1000 to meet Kip Moore? Hell, I'd take an ass whooping for that.  

Thank you to the Kip Moore fan who sent me the tip. 

UPDATE: Thanks to a Twitter follower, here's the whole conversation pieced together between Kip and the scalper. Yikes!

Kip Moore scalper 1

Kip Moore scalper 1