Kip Moore explains his stance on scalpers with ESPN host (listen)

Kip Moore espn

As most people know by now, Kip Moore is extremely passionate when it comes to his ticket prices and isn't one bit afraid to stand up to scalpers and people who don't see a problem with ticket re-sellers. 

After recently handwriting a note to scalpers, getting in a Twitter fight with a scalper and then meeting said scalper at his Saturday show in Florida, and then having a heated Twitter discussion with ESPN Radio host Jeff Thurn recently, Moore agreed to an on-air interview with Thurn yesterday. 

Things stayed calm between the pair, although you could hear the passion in Kip's voice as he tried to explain why this was such an important topic to him. 

“I have grinded my ass off for 12 years trying to get to where I'm at now. It’s actually been longer than that, but as far as like really going after this thing, I've honed my craft, I've slaved over my craft, I’ve lived in pretty much some dire conditions. Couldn't keep my lights on, traveling around the country playing every crap dive you can think of. Now, I’ve all of a sudden built a name for myself with all the hard work I’ve done over the years and you think it’s okay … and here’s another thing, I fought with my agent, managers and everyone keeping these tickets at an affordable cost where people like my dad like I grew up going to Braves games and we could afford the high seats, which we never could now the way we grew up. But what a release that was for a blue collar family to go and do that together. And you said that, you made the statement of, "Well, what difference does it make if only the people that can afford it can go to it, don't?" That’s such a twisted way of saying it because my dad killed himself everyday working 70 hours a week and what that meant to us as kids to be able to go do that together and that release it gave us. That’s what I am trying to fight for and that's the people I am trying to fight for. Now, I’ve dialed back all my production and all my calls. I’m not making near as much as you think I am and I am trying to make an affordable ticket and then all of a sudden these scalpers find out it’s a hot show and that they're selling out fast and they have ways and means with their computer systems to get tickets quicker than anybody else and you are telling me, it’s okay after all the work I’ve done over the years to finally get to this position and I am fighting for these people and it’s okay for some weasel behind a computer to get on there and take my $45 dollar ticket and turn around and sell it for $150? And do it that fast and buy 20 tickets? You’re telling me that’s okay? If you’re telling me that’s okay, then I don’t feel like you stand for anything, man.” 

Fighting scalpers is probably a losing battle for Kip, but to know he's so passionate about keeping things affordable so that ALL his fans can afford to have a night of release at one of his shows is a pretty noble cause. 

Check out the full interview below or over on ESPN 99.1.