Chipotle brings Joel Crouse and Lucy Hale back together on Twitter

Joel and Lucy

So I think I jinxed poor Joel Crouse and Lucy Hale. 

Just about two weeks after I wondered out loud if Joel Crouse had popped the question to girlfriend Lucy Hale, Us Weekly had a story about the two breaking up

"Lucy and Joel are done," the source tells Us, adding the couple split because "it was hard with the distance."

"She's working a lot on Pretty Little Liars and on music—she debuted at the Opry over the weekend. It got to be too much," the source adds of Hale, who debuted her new single, "Lie A Little Better," at the famed Grand Ole Opry on June 21.

Meh, you win some, you lose some in the game of celebrity blogging. 

But now through the power of Chipotle, it looks like the two may be back together … at least on Twitter. 

It's a summertime Chipotle miracle! 

Chipotle tweets

I have no idea what this whole Chipotle conversation was about, but it's nice to see if the two did break up that at least they are friendly exes. 

[Photo: Joel Crouse Twitter / Lucy Hale Instagram]

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