Garth moves into the digital age: Brooks announces new tour, new album, AND sale of songs digitally

Garth live

Garth Brooks – one of the last great holdouts against digitally downloading music – is finally ready to let his music be purchased online.

Of course, he's still sticking it to iTunes in the process. 

Garth finally announced his big news today and as many expected, the singer announced a world tour and a new album. But he also announced something surprising … that he's finally going to allow fans to purchase his music digitally. There's one catch, though – rather than going the usual iTunes route, Garth has decided to put his music up for sale on his website exclusively at 

"We've never allowed our stuff to go digital; that will begin within the next two or three weeks. It's a pretty big step, it's pretty scary. It's really … it's a cool form and when it's used right it can do wonders for the artists and, even better, it can do wonders for the songwriters. When you do it right, we will all succeed," he said during today's press conference. 

Garth also announced that he's hoping to get up to date on social media and is a firm believer in quality rather than quantity when it comes to that stuff. 

Garth also talked about what's going on with regards to his Ireland shows, when fans can expect more info about his world tour (July 14), and what fans can expect from his upcoming music (no bro-country or hick- hop). You can watch Garth's entire press conference in the video below.

Don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to have Garth back.