Garth Brooks Ireland comeback concerts to be canceled?

Garth Ireland

Uh oh. Looks like the luck of the Irish may very well have run out for Garth Brooks

Brooks announced back in February that his very first comeback tour dates would be held in Ireland at Croke Park. The two initial dates announced quickly became five as tickets (over 400,000 of them) sold out nearly as quickly as they were put up for sale. 

Unfortunately, since then many residents in the area have been throwing up a stink about the five-night event arguing that the concerts would break a city ordinance that says the park can only have three concerts a year.

Croke Park Director Peter McKenna had recently said the shows would go on despite the protests. Now, however, it looks like the July 25-29 shows may in fact be at risk after the Dublin City Council today failed to licence two of the five events, stating that five shows would cause an "unacceptable level of disruption" to the residents & businesses. 

“It’s up in the air that’s the honest to God answer I can’t turn around and say the three shows are going to happen," promoter Peter Aiken said after the decision.

If three shows go on and only the two are canceled, that will leave 160,000 ticket-holding fans with no show to attend. Unfortunately, Garth's contract with Aiken's company basically says it's all or nothing and he signed up for five shows, which means there's a very real chance all the shows will end up getting canceled. 

This is all unfortunate news, but shouldn't they have gotten all their ducks in a row BEFORE beginning to sell tickets? Is it common to plan a show, sell tickets, and promote the heck out of it without all the proper paperwork being done?

In much more happy Garth news, the singer appears to have some big news coming on Monday. His website has a mysterious announcement that says: The wait is over…7/7. 

The wait for what? New music? Tour dates? Let the countdown begin.