Carrie Underwood taking baby steps to become a biker babe


Carrie Underwood big bikePhoto: Twitter

After she recorded Somethin' Bad with Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood received the ultimate gift from her new duet buddy … a new motorcycle. 

"Well, it's not every day @mirandalambert buys you a motorcycle! Next stop, motorcycle driving lessons!!! #RansTheBest," she wrote on Twitter at the time when she posted the above photo. 

Miranda later explained to Good Morning America why she gave Carrie the bike. 

“She was wanting a motorcycle and I wanted to get her something for all the work she’s put in, singing on the record, doing the performances. I was like, ‘OK, you’ve got to learn how to drive this thing. Don’t blame it on me!’ She’s been practicing, so I can’t wait.”

And practicing Carrie has. The singer recently posted a second picture of herself on a motorcycle, this time a dirt bike.

Step 1 to becoming an awesome biker chick! Gotta learn to ride this first! #WhatsAClutch#GladICanLaughAtMyself

Carrie Underwood dirt bike

Looks like Carrie's slowly but surely on her way to becoming a biker babe yet. 

Speaking of Carrie, CMTT is reporting that Carrie's husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, has undergone surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon and will likely miss the start of the upcoming season.