Brett Eldredge makes good on his promise to swim with sharks

Brett Eldredge sharksPhoto: Ryan Silver / Twitter

Well look who's a man of his crazy, crazy word. 

Last year,  Brett Eldredge made a bet that if  Don’t Ya hit #1 he'd jump out of an airplane … and he did just that when the song hit the top of the charts. 

Then back in April, Brett Eldredge said in an interview that if Beat of the Music hit #1 he'd have to up the ante. 

“I was scared to make any more bets. I’m not even that much of a daredevil but I suddenly am and people think I’m crazy,” he said. “I said I would go shark diving, but it would have to be in a cage. If ‘Beat of the Music’ gets to No. 1 I’ll jump into this cage with sharks.”

Well guess who just went swimming with sharks … and it ended up there was NO cage. 

"Remember when I said I'd go shark diving?….Welp!," Brett tweeted this morning. 

According to People Country, Brett and some buddies took the plunge Wednesday with the help of the non-profit group Rock the Ocean

Jerrod Niemann looking forward to getting Brett Eldredge arrested 

"Getting past the fear of breathing underwater was the first step," he told the magazine. "But when you get to the bottom it’s so peaceful and quiet. Our second dive was to this beautiful old shipwreck, and sharks were everywhere."

"The people who ran it told us the sharks are curious and would be swimming all around, but respect them and be smart and we'd be fine," he says. "I decided right away to be smart!"


Now I'm sort of scared for what he might have up his sleeve for his next #1.