WORLD PREMIERE: Kenny Chesney ‘American Kids’

After being teased with Kenny Chesney's new single, American Kids, for the past week and a half, the day has finally come for it to make it's world premiere.  

“When I took a year off to make this next record, I knew there was something special out there, but it was going to take time to find it, to write it, to bring it to life in the recording studio,” Kenny says in a release.  
“With two hooks, three rhythm scans and some of the most ingenious wordplay I’ve ever heard,” Chesney says, “this song’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The second Shane [McAnally] played ‘American Kids’ for me, I knew I was going to cut it. In fact, I kinda wondered why he hadn’t played it for me sooner.”   

Take a listen to the debut of American Kids above and let us know what you think. Is it the special song Kenny thinks it is?

If you like American Kids, be sure to purchase it on iTunes.
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