Willie Nelson hasn’t been to Colorado since they legalized pot, plans on releasing another new album this fall

Willie NelsonWillieNelson.com/Photo By Lana Nelson

When Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana I figured Willie Nelson would have been investing in property in both states. 

Turns out he hasn't even been to Colorado since the state legalized pot back in 2013.

Willie recently did an interview with Celeb Stoner and told the website that he's been asked to do a PSA about marijuana by the state's governor, but hasn't actually been to the state since they legalized one of his favorite past times. 

He also reveals that his daughter Paula, who was arrested for possession of marijuana back in April in Texas, (you remember, the one where she took the best arrest picture ever), has been dismissed. 

PaulaNelson_bust(Photo by Kevin Lance)

"They dismissed that. The judge threw that out and took it off the record. She's fine," he says. 

Willie also revealed that he's planning on releasing a new album called December Day in the next few months despite having just released "Band of Brothers."

"It's just with my band and my sister Bobbie. It's mostly me and sister with a little harmonica and a little bass in there. We're doing nine songs that I wrote and a couple of Irving Berlin songs – "Alexander's Ragtime Band" and "What'll I Do." It's coming out sometimes before the holidays, maybe October."

That Willie will never slow down. Check out his full interview over on Celeb Stoner.