Can Taylor Swift help save this Fox show? $3,251 says she can

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Now this is a creative way to try and save your show. 

Enlisted is a freshman Fox comedy that hasn't been renewed for a second season. However, executive producers Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce aren't giving up on their baby just yet and are offering $3,000 to any fan who can get Taylor Swift to endorse their show on Twitter. 

They say they were inspired "after they saw Justin Bieber tweet an endorsement for friend and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence's new show, Undateable, to his 52 million followers. ("That's a sixth of America, I just want to point out," Royce joked.)"

Since Bieber had already worked for someone else, they thought of another superstar that might have as much if not more influence … Taylor Swift.

"Okay, it’s silly, and it’s kind of fun to have fun with this stuff. But in a very real way, that guy's got a lot of influence," Biegel said. "And you never know who's got a Nielsen box out there who’s following him … I have no connection to Bieber, and I have no connection to Taylor Swift. But I figured, if they got Bieber, we should try Taylor Swift because she’s got 41 million people following her."

The prize for getting Swift to tweet about the show? A cool $3,000 (since upped to $3,251), or about "half of a used car," Biegel pointed out. "It’s incentivized fandom, but, hey, if it gets Enlisted out there in a bigger conversation and maybe get some eyeballs on the show, sure," he said. "And it’s fun. We like making fun of ourselves."

Now excuse me while I figure out how in the world to get Taylor Swift to tweet about this show. Anyone know how much it would cost to hire a Twitter hacker? :0)




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