Three people arrested for throwing beer bottles at Taylor Swift’s house

Taylor Swift rhode island mansio

Is Taylor Swift's Rhode Island beach side mansion a beacon for criminals? 

Signs definitely point to yes, yes, yes. 

TMZ is reporting that three people – two guys and a woman, all in their 20s – were arrested on Sunday, Father's Day, for throwing beer bottles and flipping off and screaming profanities at security guards at Taylor's Rhode Island property. 

Well I bet their daddy's were proud. Eesh. 

Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney can shake their money makers!

The three were carted off to jail and charged with disorderly conduct. TMZ did talk with one of the hooligans, Tristan Kading, who says they "harbored no ill will toward Swift. They were just drinking and it got out of hand."

He also says they weren't flipping anyone off, they were just throwing up the peace sign like Taylor does in her "22" music video.

Taylor Swift 22

Yeah, ok. 

This is the twentieth time that someone has been arrested at this property (not really but it seems like it).