The Oak Ridge Boys saved by Grape Ape after bus breaks down

The Oak Ridge BoysPhoto: Facebook

Grape Ape to the rescue!

The Oak Ridge Boys had a bit of bus trouble on Friday morning in Oklahoma after the tread came off of one of their bus' front tires, leaving them stranded on the side of the highway in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.   

Fortunately, Grape Ape was available to help.

Grape Ape

Okay, it wasn't THAT Grape Ape that helped out, but rather it was The Grape Ape wrecker service that came to the band's rescue and changed their tire. Still makes me smile, though. 

Another funny tidbit about the story – the band's bus broke down right in front of a subdivision called Oak Ridge Acres.

What a coinkidink. 

"That's the first time we've had that happen to a front tire," Duane "Ace" Allen told Tulsa World

The boys had to stand around for about 90 minutes, but were soon on their way to their next gig on Friday night at the 7 Clans Paradise Casino in Red Rock.