Someone goosed Luke Bryan during his CMT Music Awards performance

Luke Bryan goosedPhoto: Video

If Luke Bryan was looking a little extra wide-eyed during his performance of Play It Again at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards, there's a good reason. Seems an over-zealous fan goosed him while he was walking through the crowd. 

Luke talked about the handsy fan on Thursday and laughed off the incident.  

"We had these lines drawn to where we thought the fans would be," he said. "At that point, I'm just having fun. In the moment of the show, I remember hands coming in from everywhere. I haven't gone back and seen the performance."

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Turns out, though, that Luke getting goosed by fans is a pretty regular occurrence. "I walked by an older lady, and she got a big ol' handful of my butt," Luke said, remembering another goosing incident while he performed on Ellen. 

Come on, who WOULDN'T want to pinch dat ass as it walked on by?

Luke Bryan butt Luke Bryan butt

I've re-watched the video and can't spot the guilty gooser. Maybe you can spot her/him by watching Luke's performance here

[USA Today/Bottom Luke photo: Sunny Leigh/KVOO ]