Luke Bryan’s Pittsburgh concert gets trashy but not as trashy as Kenny Chesney’s

Well Luke Bryan's Saturday night foray into big boy shows was a huge success, but it was also really, really trashy. 

Luke played his very first stadium show as a headliner Saturday night at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and by the looks of the tons of trash left behind by concert-goers it was one helluva a party. 

Crews were busy cleaning up the thousands of pounds of trash were left behind in the parking lot after the show and the pictures are disturbing and sad and makes country fans look like a bunch of pigs. Not sure why fans at these shows can't just throw their crap away. 

According to several concert-goers, two garbage bags were even given to everyone entering the parking lot to help. 

Despite the trashy look of things, though, venue workers are saying that the trash left behind after Luke's concert wasn't near as bad as the trashpocolypse at Kenny Chesney's the previous year (although Boing Boing disagrees). 

"It was as high as your waist on you," a Pittsburgh police officer told one reporter about the trash that accumulated outside Heinz Field in 2013.

At least there is some good news coming out today about the concert. Live Nation has confirmed that this was the largest country music show ever held at Heinz Field.

Luke has two more stadium shows on his tour this year -  Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Aug. 15 and Soldier Field in Chicago on Aug. 31. – let's just hope everyone cleans up after themselves during those stops.