Kip Moore posts handwritten note asking scalpers not to be dicks

Kip Moore handwritten note page 2 Kip Moore handwritten note page 2

It was recently announced that Kip Moore will be the headliner for CMT on Tour 2014: Up in Smoke this fall along with Charlie Worsham and Sam Hunt. As the show's main man, Moore decided to handwrite an impassioned plea to all the "asshole" scalpers out there asking them to please not be "dicks." He then posted the note to Facebook. 

I watched my dad bust his ass for not a lot of money while supporting 6 kids until we were able to take care of ourselves. From 18 to 31 I lived paycheck to paycheck working a lot of long hour jobs for very little pay. I know what it’s like to live on a strict budget and wish you had funds to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, daughter, son etc. to a show or a game but you just can’t afford to. 

I understand the blue collar lifestyle and I always will. It’s the sole reason I wanted to make this fall tour affordable for everyone since it was the first time I’ve ever been able to control the cost. We scaled back production across the board to make low ticket prices possible. There are things in this world that piss me off that I know I’ll never be able to change like shitty people in congress, mechanic that tell you your motor is blown when its most likely a small problem, rising gas prices, selfies every 2 seconds, duck lip selfies, phones in general, paying $75 for a decent seat at a baseball game, people that bitch just to bitch and being politically correct, and the list goes on. But above all, the thing that pisses me off the most is scalpers. I could sit back and ignore it, because I know it’s a losing battle, but I just can’t do that. People are trying everyday to fix this problem, but it’s a difficult task. I’ve recently been told that it looks as if some people who bought the pre-sale tickets are turning around and putting them up on different sites for much steeper prices. 

We are trying to find ways to stop this, but it’s a tough thing to do. It’s disheartening and makes me rage when I know how much some people want to go but get cancelled out because of these people. Unless you are buying the VIP package (which is a whole different thing) all tickets are between $25 – $35. Once they sell out I can’t stop these assholes from selling them to you guys at a steep price. I’ve set the price low so get them quick before they get their hands on them. 

To those of you scalping… I understand doing whatever you can to make a dollar. I also understand there are ethical ways of making that dollar. Twist it however you want to make it to seem like what you’re doing is ok, but it’s not. I want to always keep prices low, so don’t be a dick. 

Thanks to all the loyal & supportive fans.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the scalpers out there stopped and actually thought about what Kip was saying? I don't see it happening, but it's definitely a nice try. 

The CMT on Tour 2014: Up in Smoke tour kicks off Sept. 25 in New York City and will hit more than 20 cities through November.

[Hat tip to Linda from KipMooreFBFans]