Kelly Clarkson still pregnant, still miserable

Kelly Clarkson and wyattPhoto: Twitter

Uh oh. Looks like Kelly Clarkson is at THAT stage in her pregnancy. 

Most women I know (myself included) eventually get to a point in their pregnancy where they are just done with the whole miracle of life thing and are thinking of ways to induce labor. 

Seriously, I got to a point when I was pregnant where sticking a hanger up my wahoo to break my water like I was performing some back alley abortion on myself was starting to look like a totally sane and viable choice. 

Kelly Clarkson is the new face of Citizen Watches

By Kelly Clarkson's recent tweet, she may be starting to consult old wives' tales for ways to get things moving along. 

Awww. I feel your pain, chica. 

Kelly is reportedly due to give birth to her first child on June 18.