Kellie Pickler tells Rolling Stone the 11 people who changed her life

Sometimes it's good to just sit back and give thanks for the people in your life. 

Kellie Pickler recently did that with Rolling Stone by naming the 11 people who have changed her life including Dolly Parton, her husband, her grandparents, Tammy Wynette, and several others. 

The most surprising life changers on Kellie's list? Fellow season 5 American Idol Alumni Katharine McPhee and Mandisa. 

"When I was on Idol, Katharine McPhee and Mandisa became my Idol sisters. Mandisa is such a powerhouse, one of the most amazing singers I've ever heard sing live. She is such a woman of God and grace. And Kat is like a sister. I love her to pieces. She introduced me to a different world of music. She grew up on Barbra Streisand and had such a musical theater background that I was intrigued by that. Kat and I came from two different worlds and somehow our paths led to one another and she helped introduce me to a whole different world. You become a family on the show because you live together and spend so much time together. We don't talk all the time because we're all so busy and live in different states, but thanks to modern-day technology, we can keep in touch."

Kellie Pickler and Katharine McPhee are still close enough that the pair vacationed together recently while McPhee was going through her divorce

Surprisingly, Kellie didn't mention her friend Summer. Summer is Kellie's good friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago leading Kellie to shave her head in support. That haircut alone should have been reason enough to make it on Kellie's list.   

You can read the rest of Kellie's list over on Rolling Stone Country