Kellie Pickler gets animated in new music video

Animated Kellie Pickler

Looks like there's a new Aussie for country music fans to take notice of. 

Jasmine Rae is one of Australia's Leading Country Music Singer/Songwriters and is the 2014 Female Oz Artist of the Year and 2013 CMA Global Artist of the Year.

She also managed to snag none other than Kellie Pickler for her new song Bad Boys Get Me Good

Jasmine says about Kellie, “One of the reasons I was so keen to have Luke Wooten produce this album was because of his work on Kellie’s 100 Proof album, which I thought was a really great, honest country album”.

When Wooten suggested Pickler as a duet partner, Rae leapt at the opportunity. The track features Jasmine and Kellie trading verses as they sing about a woman's love for the wrong kind of man.
“I love Kellie’s attitude and her accent. She’s such a charismatic performer. Hearing her sing a song that I co-wrote is a real honour."
Pickler is equally complimentary about Jasmine Rae. 
"She's an amazing singer and songwriter. She's a Powerhouse," said Pickler in a recent interview with Country Capital News. 

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