Kacey Musgraves’ birthmark foretold her future success

Optimized-Kacey Musgraves unicorn

Kacey photo: Instagram

All I can say is it's a good thing they don't still burn witches, because this would surely have not made Kacey Musgraves any points in the witch-burning past. 

Kacey tells People.com that she always knew she was going to be famous because of a very special birthmark she has on her leg. 

"I have a birthmark that's shaped like Tennessee … on my thigh," she recently told PEOPLE Country. "It's really weird because there's a freckle right by where Nashville is. Clearly, it was fate."

Yep, that's some mark of the devil music city stuff right there. 

Kacey has recently released her newest musical sensation, The Trailer Song, to iTunes so be sure to download it here.



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