Jon Pardi reveals he was stabbed multiple times when he was a teen

Jon Pardi

Holy smokes! Jon Pardi revealed in an interview with Y108′s Jimmy and Monty back a few months ago that when he was a teen he was stabbed in the stomach after getting in a fight. 

“I got stabbed when I was 18, and there’s a 7 inch scar across my stomach. Oh, I just got in a fight, and I ended up getting him, and he pulled out a knife and… I got (stabbed) three times in the stomach, and two little slashes on my arms.”

Unfortunately, help was a long way away. 

“‘Cause we were out in the country, it was up in the hills, and it was at somebody’s house and my buddy’s now a paramedic firefighter, ’cause his whole family are firefighters… we just got in his car, we just drove to the hospital, the first hospital didn’t have emergency services. And the second, we had to go to another one it was like ten minutes away. We got in there, and they didn’t know diddley, and then they put me in an ambulance and took me to Sacramento.”

“It was a long journey, man.”

Jon's attacker did get arrested but only spent a few months in jail. When asked if the guy would ask Jon for a CD, Jon laughed and said, "Shoot. I always wonder what THAT guy thinks, man. He’s doing better now, maybe.”

Suppose Jon's having one of those "how do do you like me now?" moments now?