Jake Owen plans to start sharing his hobby with fans

Jake OwenPhoto: Facebook – I know this pic's not related to the story but it was too cute not to use :0)

Between being a busy father, husband, daredevil wakeboarder, and country superstar, you wouldn't think that Jake Owen would have much time for hobbies. Turns out, though, he has one passion that he's hoping to begin sharing with fans and maybe even making a little money from it. 


“I’ve always loved photography,” Jake tells The Country Vibe, “and over the years I’ve become a lot better at it.”

And now he hopes to start sharing his pics with fans.

“I want to start sharing what I feel cause I think photography is a feeling and there’s a reason people stop and take a photo of something is because they admire it. And if someone can have a piece of something that I admire or that I took time to capture a moment in time then I want to pass that along.”

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On top of just sharing, Jake says he may even put his photos into book form for fans. He says, “like limited editions of them and signing them. Cause I have fans out there that I think would enjoy having a shot that I took personal time to seek out and shoot.“

No word on if and when Jake will actually put his photos in a book form, but I think he's definitely right about fans enjoying it if he did. 

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