Hey, want to chat with Luke Bryan and Justin Moore?

Google hangout

I was just reading my husband's Cabela flier and spotted that they are having a Google+ hangout tomorrow with Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, and Kristy Titus. The chat will be hosted by Storme Warren. 

To take part, just head to cabelas.com/itsinyournature tomorrow, June 11, at 6 p.m. to find out more info. 

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  1. stuntmanbrandongoad@gmail.com'

    my sister wants to see luke bran in toledo but tics are sold out she loves him she sid he is so hot and she is 14 would lke to give her the bgest crismas present.

  2. cmiddleton@hotmail.com'
    chloe middleton

    I love luke he is hot

  3. Jen2008Williams@gmail.com'
    Jennifer Wiilians

    I so love Luke Bryan because I think that he is super duper cute.

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