The boys of Florida Georgia Line are planning to start a clothing line

Florida Georgia LinePhoto: Vimeo

Florida Georgia Line told Broadway last year that they probably wouldn't be putting out an underwear line anytime soon, but it turns out they do actually have plans to put out a clothing line sometime in the future. 

The duo recently told After MidNite’s Cody Alan about their plans to get into the clothing business. 

“We’re going to start a website. We’re going to start a clothing line, ‘Can’t Afford Not To.’ It’s just become a cool thing, one of those sayings that keeps coming up. So we’ll see what happens with it.”

If you're wondering where the can't afford not to phrase comes from, Tyler explains “Can’t Afford Not To’ is “a saying that we’ve all said… B-K and myself and kind of our whole camp and crew… It just became a popular saying among our friends.” 

No word on when fans can expect to be able to purchase clothes from the Line's line, but now if you see the duo using the hashtag #cantaffordnotto on Twitter and Instagram, you'll know what it means. 

[Quotes via The Country Vibe]