David Nail jams out at CMT Summer Concert Series


David Nail performed a mini-concert for his fans underneath the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge on Wed. evening (June 25). Taking the stage with his guitar, the singer-songwriter rocked out on his well-known hits, including his most recent smash "Whatever She's Got." The gathering crowd cheered, bobbed their heads and waved Mountain Dew bottles in the air–the cold beverage creator were sponsors of the CMT-helmed event.

As the sun was blazing and teasing at the Nashville's cityscape, Nail proved that his live vocal delivery is not far off his recording one. While his performance style is rather static, that didn't matter. His voice soared over his lyrics, charring the air with his precision and calculated nature.

Nail's set only clocked in at a meager 35 minutes, prolonged for the camera. He also performed "Kiss You Tonight" and "Countin' Cars," cuts from his acclaimed 2014 disc I'm A Fire. With each showing, the singer had the crowd captivated, as they hung on his every word, movement and nuance. It's a pretty confusing thing at this point that Nail isn't a bonafide superstar, headlining his own arenas across the globe. But so goes a fickle music business.

After the CMT cameras had captured all they needed, Nail joked that if we were feeling feisty, we could cuss them out (because of the heat and intimidating sun), if need be. And there's that magical Nail charm!

Right up to the explosive conclusion, Nail's energy was infectious. The set closed with an unexpected rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You." No, Nail did not take the reigns on the song (although, he should have), but his keyboardist and lead guitarist laid down sick vocals–both demonstrating their equally superb talents. There's no doubt why Nail (who careened on his electric guitar) has enlisted such well-crafted musicians. They are the salt and pepper to his steak.

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