Australian town really doesn’t want Keith Urban’s mug mucking up their wall of fame

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While I'm sure that most Australian's are proud of their most famous country music export, Keith Urban, it seems that one town at least wasn't proud enough to want a mural of the singer painted in their town. 

Urban is set to perform this Saturday, June 14, in Townsville, Australia, and to celebrate his coming to town, the local council had proposed that a “wall of fame” mural be painted of the singer with the hopes that he'd visit it and maybe sign it while in town. 

“I thought Keith Urban might have been a good person to have. He used to spend quite a lot of time in Townsville with his band in the 1980s,” Mayor Jenny Hill said.

“My suggestion was we look at someone like Keith Urban, similar to what they’ve done with [ACDC Lane] in Melbourne.”

Unfortunately, the proposal caused an uproar and the council was forced to reconsider. 

“When it hit the papers and the local media, the public were horrified it would be Keith Urban and not somebody that they knew…not a local,”  Councillor Suzanne Blom told the Brisbane Times. 

Another councillor, Les Walker, admitted that no matter who was chosen for the "wall of fame," it wouldn't please everyone. 

By the looks of the Townsville Council newsroom, no decision has been made yet who will be immortalized on the town's mural. 

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