Carrie Underwood gives her vote for sexiest man in country music

Looks like even Carrie Underwood isn't 100% immune to the sexiness of some country men.

During Wednesday's CMT Music Awards, Us Weekly asked the singer who she thought was the sexiest man in country music. 

At first she was the good married lady and said that her husband is the sexiest man she knows (and he listens to a lot of country music), but she did eventually get down to business and confess who she considered the sexiest man in country. 

"I guess, if I had to say a country star then, let me think…" she pondered. "Hmm…maybe Keith Urban?" she said, while insisting, "I don't mean that in a flirtatious way."

Carrie Underwood gets the comic book treatment

So why Keith?

"Keith is just so talented and so good with a guitar," she explained.

He also got marriage points in her book.

"[He is] so in love with his wife," Carrie gushed, "and, well, that's sexy."

I couldn't agree more. 


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